16 - 21 October 2017

The International Theater Festival "Prishtina International Theater Festival" was established in the premises of AAB Theater "Faruk Begolli" in June 2017. This theater operates within the AAB College in Pristina.

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"Dying As A Country" - Albania

The show was built on allegory and stage metaphors. There are four actors who will play the lyrics of a single, but multiple, character of many characters within themselves. They all differ in their style of interpretation, but also different in themselves throughout the show, taking the forms that ..


Dinner Crumbs - Macedonia

Wound or war between life and death? What is the real life?! What is the key to reaching the happiness of life? Is love or hatred what makes us lose the relationship with the time given to us as a gift, to live or not to live this life? These are some of the questions we have been trying to raise du..


An Enemy Of The People - Kosovo

An Enemy of the People - Ibsen's famous drama speaks of morality/immorality, hypocrisy and oppression of the individual from powerful decision-making circles. This version of "Population’s enemy" elaborated by another genius playwright, Arthur Miller, is one of the most powerful plays that speak of ..


“The Mainds” - Bulgaria

Solange and Claire are two housemaids who construct elaborate sadomasochistic rituals when their mistress (Madame) is away. The focus of their role-playing is the murder of Madame and they take turns portraying both sides of the power divide. Their deliberate pace and devotion to detail guarantees t..


“Speak Medea” - Iran

Speak Medea is a set of different Impressions and opinions about “Medea”, as we know it. It is a story of a powerful woman, who feels neglected and unsupported. In her lonesomeness, she takes revenge on her husband and men of her society, which makes her suffering like Prometheus himself. Last but n..


“And they lived happily ever after...?" - Croatia

How does modern marriage function, does it make sense, what destroys it and how does it survive. These questions will be answered in the show "And they lived happily ever after..." At the Sleeping Beauty Celebration, we will find Snow White, Cinderella and the little girl which was mistakenly marrie..

The "Prishtina International Theater Festival" is an international theater festival organized at the theater premises of AAB "Faruk Begolli". In this international festival many events are organized from Kosovo and abroad.
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